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An exciting article written about me!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

See link below! Exciting news from January of 2018. A talented French writer, who lives in China, Edouard Bellin published an article about my life, art, music and animal advocacy work. What a thrill and honor! Feel free to share it!

(please copy/paste the above link into your browser to view or visit 'links' at the bottom of the Accolades page on this website.)

June 2022

Please visit the Mike Wagner Show on youtube to see a 42 minute long interview of Karen Wallo. She speaks about her art, music and animal advocacy work! This is the link for the interview:

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Karen interviewed on the Mike Wagner show!

Here is the 42 minute interview of Karen Wallo about her art, music and animal advocacy work! Click link to view on youtube.

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